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Dear friends,

Sahalana (a.k.a. LankaNet Linux) is available for download with many more features. Get it from here:

For more information, visit our new web site:




LankaNet Linux to Sahalana Linux

From now on we call LankaNet Linux as Sahalana Linux. We have already finished the development of the Live/Install DVD.

It will be provided free of charge with this book courtesy of ICTA. Linux 4!

LankaNet.Org Linux v.4 will be available soon! Stay tuned!…

ලංකානෙට් ලිනක්ස්  4 ළඟදීම නිකුත්වේ!

Services Lankanet offers

1. Training on Free Opensource software
2. Installation and training of customized FOSS systems
3. Computer Maintanance
4. Free copies of Linux to the community
5. Training on Linux
6. Training on Graphic designing
7. Training on basic competence in information technology
8. Migrate to FOSS

Training Course on Free Opensource software
Study areas

2. Abiword
3. Gnumeric
4. Gimp
5. Inkscape
6. Ubuntu
7. and other essential software

Training on Linux
Redhat/Fedora for newbies
Ubuntu for newbies
Linux for power users

LankaNet supported Atomic Energy Authority of Sri Lanka to migrate to FOSS. We are now coducting a training class for it’s staff..
We are serving several governmental and non governmental organizations.Please call 0112726340 to get more information.

Let others know about LankaNEt and it’s services. There maybe lots of people out there in need of these services. Don’t forget that it is strengthening the sustainability of the community by providing Linux! Please forward this to all to support us.

Thank you! Linux 3 is released!

Dear friends, The long wait is over and the giant is here. Yes, it includes everything we had in earlier versions and additionally, we have KDE, XFCE, LXDE with Gnome and lots of games! So all the Window$ users out there can use KDE inteface which has familiar inteface to Window$.

What’s more and new?

  1. Chromium browser
  2. Support for all Ms Office file formats (Open/Edit)
  3. Abiword and Gnumeric
  4. English/සිංහල Interfaces for Gnome, Kde, and Thunderbird
  5. Everything needed for software developers. (Make some quality software buddy, and make it GPL :-) )
  6. Multimedia support (for all known formats)
  7. Deja Dup backup tool (Backup made easy now)
  8. Open Cliparts Gallery (Everything is there. No need to look in to your old clipart CDs again)
  9. Freemind
  10. Adblock plus plugin
  11. Netspeed Applet
  12. Includes all the updates till 19th of November 2010
  13. Pencil (Yes Make Flash animations with ease!)
  14. Games!!


Minimum System Requirements
Ram: 512MB (1 GB is affordable these days. so USE more ram for better performance)
Hard Disk Space: 10GB (Installation will occupy nearly 7.6 GB. Yes it’s a beast. I mean it has everything you need!)
Processor: 1000Mhz/1Ghz

Get the DVD from your nearest friend

Download Link:

Need Training?

contact us on 011-2726340 or email us

Need to install in your institute/Office? We can do it!

contact us on 011-2726340 or email us

Get services to support LankaNet. Or Contact us to know more ways you can help LankaNet.

සිංහල |   தமிழ்

For the people with Sri Lanka’s so called broadband Internet (Narrowband) please request a free copy by contacting us We Post you a copy absolutely free of charge! (only to Sri Lanka) Linux 3

Yes! it will be available soon with new changes and added features. This time it will be based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Yes LTS! That means you get updates till 2013. We like to hear your voice. Tell us if you need something to be added or changed in this version. It’s important to have your opinion before completion of this release.

New features

1. KDE Desktop environment
2. LXDE Desktop environment
3. XFCE Desktop environment
4. inxi -  basic hardware information
5. Abiword -
6. Gnumeric
7. Chromium web browser
8. hntool – vulnerability scanner

LankaNet.Org Linux V.2 Released

Download it from here

This release is entirely based on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)
Includes Multimedia support, Sinhala/Tamil support and Lots of software for your all computer related needs. You will find Office software, Games, Security, Eye candy, Web server, Web development, Software development, Educational, Graphic designing, Animation, Internet software, Multimedia, Support for MS Windows only software and many more for free…

Here you see Software List included with LankaNet.Org Linux v.2

Descriptions of each software and screen shots

System default Password is: lankanet

System requirements for installation:

Ram: 512Mb
Processor: 1.8Ghz
HDD Space: 8Gb

System Requirements for Live (run from dvd)

Ram: 1Gb
Processor: 1.8Ghz

සිංහලෙන් තොරතුරු බලන්න தமிழ் Linux v.1 is born!

LankaNet has created the most feature rich Linux distribution for Sri Lanka! Contact us to get your free copy

  • Support for all known multimedia formats
  • Sinhala Unicode and Tamil support with extra sinhala fonts
  • All kinds of Video, Audio and 3d Animation software
  • Complete office suite
  • No need of Internet to install additional software, because it’s all included!
  • You can install and use you favorite MS Windows based software!
  • Tools for Software Development and Web Development including NetBeans IDE!
  • Security tools and many more!
  • ~ More info

2009 May 26 – Seminar on FOSS and LTSP at Paltra

Click here to more images…

2009 May 07 – Seminar on FOSS and LTSP at Negombo

Click here to more images…

What we do…

To facilitate the effective use of ICT by Civil society organizations engaged in social economic and political action and to advocate and promote equitable access to ICT through out the country

How we do…

  • Promotion of Free Open source Software
  • Provision of the E-mail and internet services
  • Promotion of Linux terminal server systems
  • Hardware training and software management
  • Taking the ICT to the under privileged and rural masses

We can offer you…

  • Installation and configuration of PCs to run on FOSS
  • Setting up thin client server system that will enable you to run the office or a training centre with limited resources
  • Hardware and software training programs tailor made to your needs
  • Servicing of PCs at your door step
  • Installing of networking system and Many more...

What we stand for?

LankaNet supports the progressive and under privileged community, who are working for peace, democracy, human rights, social justice and development, through the information and communication technology.

Key Aim

Facilitate the effective use of Internet & ICT by Community Based Organisations engaged in social, economic, civic and political action and promote equitable access to ICT.


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