Linux 3

Yes! it will be available soon with new changes and added features. This time it will be based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Yes LTS! That means you get updates till 2013. We like to hear your voice. Tell us if you need something to be added or changed in this version. It’s important to have your opinion before completion of this release.

New features

1. KDE Desktop environment
2. LXDE Desktop environment
3. XFCE Desktop environment
4. inxi -  basic hardware information
5. Abiword -
6. Gnumeric
7. Chromium web browser
8. hntool – vulnerability scanner


  1. Sudheera says:

    can i install MS office 2007 on new version?

  2. suji says:

    good work…..weldon ….

  3. admin says:

    Yes! try and see for yourself! Why MS when there’s and Abiword, Gnumeric???

  4. madhawa says:

    Is there any possible way to install lankanet linux inside windows 7(like using windows installe…(wubi))…?

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What we do…

To facilitate the effective use of ICT by Civil society organizations engaged in social economic and political action and to advocate and promote equitable access to ICT through out the country

How we do…

  • Promotion of Free Open source Software
  • Provision of the E-mail and internet services
  • Promotion of Linux terminal server systems
  • Hardware training and software management
  • Taking the ICT to the under privileged and rural masses

We can offer you…

  • Installation and configuration of PCs to run on FOSS
  • Setting up thin client server system that will enable you to run the office or a training centre with limited resources
  • Hardware and software training programs tailor made to your needs
  • Servicing of PCs at your door step
  • Installing of networking system and Many more...

What we stand for?

LankaNet supports the progressive and under privileged community, who are working for peace, democracy, human rights, social justice and development, through the information and communication technology.

Key Aim

Facilitate the effective use of Internet & ICT by Community Based Organisations engaged in social, economic, civic and political action and promote equitable access to ICT.


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