Linux 3

Yes! it will be available soon with new changes and added features. This time it will be based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Yes LTS! That means you get updates till 2013. We like to hear your voice. Tell us if you need something to be added or changed in this version. It’s important to have your opinion before completion of this release.

New features

1. KDE Desktop environment
2. LXDE Desktop environment
3. XFCE Desktop environment
4. inxi –  basic hardware information
5. Abiword –
6. Gnumeric
7. Chromium web browser
8. hntool – vulnerability scanner

4 thoughts on “ Linux 3

  1. can i install MS office 2007 on new version?

  2. good work…..weldon ….

  3. Yes! try and see for yourself! Why MS when there’s and Abiword, Gnumeric???

  4. Is there any possible way to install lankanet linux inside windows 7(like using windows installe…(wubi))…?

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