Information is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. Created for people who don’t have Internet to install additional software. It includes Multimedia support, Sinhala/Tamil Unicode support and all the software you need to work!


  • Supports all known multemedia formats
  • Gnome, KDE, Lxde and Xfce Interfaces
  • Includes Sinhala/Tamil Unicode support
  • English/Sinhala Interfaces
  • Additional fonts
  • Madhura sinhala English Dictionary
  • Artha offline Dictionary
  • Complete suite with Open Cliparts Library
  • Bitdefender/Clam/Avast antivirus software
  • “Wine” will help you to install and work with Windows based software
  • Skype
  • Java and Flash
  • LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySql, Php, Perl)
  • Guides for common tasks

In short, You get all the Software for:

  • Graphics
  • Animation
  • Multimedia Production
  • Software Development
  • Web Developmet
  • Office and productivity
  • Accounting
  • Cad
  • Education
  • Security
  • Games
  • Internet
  • Eyecandy
  • Backup
  • File Comparers
  • To do this and that! got it?

What else do you want???

12 thoughts on “Information

  1. Congratulations, You are providing a very valuable service free of charge.

    I have begun to use Kubuntu from last week. I got the CD by mail and I got it installed to work while keeping Windows for the moment. Once I get used to Kubuntu I am sure I will not need to use Windows.

    Presently I am studying the various programmes specially in Education. I think some of these programmes could be used by teachers to make their lessons more interesting and easy to their children.

    I certainly appreciate very much your effort to improve IT literacy in our country.
    Since your services are free even the students from low income families can get benefited.

    I think you should take steps to give publicity to your programme. You may try a couple of TV programmes and also some news items in Pariganaka magazine.

    In fact I am keeping my friends aware of this programme. In fact one of them got the Kubuntu CD from me to get it installed in his computer.

    I wish you success in your future activities.

    With Best regards


  2. Plz tell me how to active desktop effects in Lanka net org 3 including destop cube effect,fire effect and etc..

  3. Linux is Ubuntu 10.04 with additional software and codecs. So please refer KtechLab’s user guide on installation for Ubuntu. Download the .tar.bz2 and extract it. And follow the instructions for the installation.

  4. I was able to install this package but my sounds is not working.please help laptop is compaq cq62 111tu.plz help me

  5. I think your kernel need to be updated to work with your sound chip. Please update using update manager. it may work.

  6. still i got that problem.i was update ubuntu up to date.but i haven’t got sound in my machine.please help me to get the sound.i done everything i know to make my os.

  7. You’ll get Updates for 10.04 till 2013. But for 11.04, you’ll get updates till 2012. What do you prefer? We are thinking of creating Linux 4 which may based on Ubuntu 11.04+ . But we’re in lack of financial funding for free distribution over snail mail. So anybody who wants it have to get a copy from Lankanet office, By downloading and by VPP. Any suggestion? Funding idea?

  8. Hi
    I’ve downloaded and installed Ubuntu 11.04 and I also have the Lankanet Linux3. Can I use lankanet software packages to my current system. If so please be kind enough to teach me how its done.Thanks in advance.

  9. @Thilanka
    Enable universal/Multiverse repositories in package manager.
    And Install the software you want. For example, VLC Player…

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