HSDPA Modems

Huawei E122 HSDPA modem and some other modems will not work out of the box with LankaNet.org Linux 3 and Ubuntu 10.04. To make it work, please download this zip file and install included deb files.

Here is the step by step guide:

1. Just double click on these 3 deb files to install
2. Reboot
3. Plug in your HSDPA modem and wait for about 5 seconds.
4. Now, follow the instruction below with screen shots.
5. Right click on the Network Manager Icon on the gnome panel (see picture 1)

6. Click on “Edit Connections” from the menu
7. Select “Mobile Broadband” page (see picture 2)

8. Press “Add” button
9. Now you will see something similar to picture 3

10. Click on “Forward” button
11. Select “Sri Lanka” from the country list and press “Forward” (see picture 4)

12. Select your provider and press “Forward” (see picture 5)

13. Select your billing plan and press “Forward” (see picture 6)

14. In next window, press “Apply” button
15. It will take you to “Editing xxxxxxx” window. (see picture 7)

16. Put check mark to “Connect Automatically” and press “Apply”

Now you will be able to connect to the internet.
To connect, left click on the NetworkManager Icon on the gnome panel and select your Newly created Connection name.
To Disconnect, left click on the NetworkManager Icon and select Disconnect from the menu

12 thoughts on “HSDPA Modems

  1. I just config my Bandluxe C120 HSDPA modem with Ubuntu….

    When I plug the modem, Ubuntu recognize it as a CD-ROM and I right click on the Icon on the desk top and click Eject …

    And again it appear on the desktop with that message came prompting Airtel Connection Connected…(Before I did that I make a profile @ Network Connection ==> Mobile Broadband )

  2. sri lanka telecom
    cityLink CDMA phone [Huawei ETS2252+]

    LankaNet.org Linux 3
    walata galapenna
    internet settings hadaganne


  3. i have huawei e1752 hsdpa modem
    it’s not recognize in lankanet linux
    (Orange internet everywhere softwear)
    it cannot be installed using wine
    Plz help me to ins tall this divice

  4. @Indika
    did you follow the instructions here? Never try to install it in wine. Just follow the instructions in this page.

  5. It’s work fine. This is good work, we want to build our own Os I mean Sri lankan Os… Keep it up

  6. හුවාවි ඊ 1752 (Orange internet everywhere software) එත ඉන්ස්ටෝල් කරන හැටි කවුරැ හරි කියනවද

  7. I have a safaricom 3g modem, but It’s not work. Huawei E220 works fine. How can I fix this

  8. mata teren ne mama abans eken gatta dongale eka install karaganna.eka weda karan ne.plug kalama mega fun internet kiya cd rom eke penwanawa.install wen nene

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